Do One Hundred Push ups

We all need goals to aim for and I’ve found a new one for me. To do 100 push ups (press ups to us Brits). I was inspired by the website Hundred Push Ups which breaks it down in to sets. It’s five sets per workout, three work outs a week and it’s set over six weeks. They also have an online log for you to keep track of your progress as well as publish it on Facebook and Twitter if you wish.

They also have Two Hundred Sit Ups, Two Hundred Squats and Fifty Pull Ups if push ups aren’t your thing.

  1. Thank You,
    Even though I have thought about doing pushups regularly, it’s funny how i haven’t thought of doing something online regarding the exercise thing. But, ha, now I have a plan and a system. I’m looking forward to this. Thanks again,

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