The Great Google Chrome Con

Google Chrome is now at version 5 despite being only four years old. Version 6 is in beta. Before I began my rant I just need to explain how the versioning of programs usually works. The first number is the major build number should only change when there have been major changes to the program. The smaller numbers are there to indicate smaller changes such as security and bug fixes. Since it’s release Chrome, as far as I can see, has only had two major changes to it and they are the addition of themes and extensions.

Firefox has been around about eight years and is only at version 3.5. Opera has been around over ten years and is only at version 10.50. With both of these browser they have only changed the major build number when they have made major changes to their browser.

So why is Google increasing Chrome’s build number more often that it has birthdays? Well others believe this is Google’s attempt at making the gullible believe that Chrome is a more mature program than it actually is. The less computer savvy are going to look at it and think, “Oh it’s on version 5 so must have been around a long time”. I tend to agree with their opinion as there is no other reason for Google to be doing this.

  1. I don’t think there’s necessarily a conspiracy here. Themes and extensions are the most recent changes to Chrome, but I remember several significant changes to it before that.

    Realistically, we’re talking about a version:age ratio that’s just under 20% higher than Opera’s. And unlike with other browsers (Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer), I bet most people who’ve installed Chrome couldn’t even tell you which version they run because it’s not shoved in your face like it is with the others.

    If you want to dish dirt about Google, you’ll have more luck talking about WiFi data harvesting, Google Street vehicles being banned from European villages, or SuperMegaDataMining™ 🙂


  2. i agree, especially because they don’t increment minor version

  3. I thought I would ‘upgrade’ to chrome to be a bit modern and solve problems quickly. 20 mins to download( is this a joke). why do you need my details ( curious ).
    First job,download a game called minecraft for my annoying grandson, but needs Java to run. Not a problem minecraft gives me the link. Chrome tells me several times it cant find the link,so back to internet explorer no problem. Just a minute,I need to remind myself, what exactly did I want chrome for ? I cant remember but if I need punishment like this I normally go to see miss wiplash, but that’s another story by by chrome

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