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High in the Arctic..Eskimo
« on: February 29, 2008, 18:24:16 »
I have just been helping one of our forum members out with a problem he had with Lazarus. Anyway once solved he showed me his work which I found very impressive. I'll let his own words explain

Hello, My name is David, I live in a tiny whaling village 200 miles above the Arctic circle in a village of only 750 Inupiaq Eskimos. Point Hope Alaska.
The oldest continually inhabited settlement or village in all of North America.
Life can accurately be traced back some 3,000 years, to this one spot of land.

I am originally from Boston Mass. I moved to Alaska to work on the Trans - Alaska Pipeline in 1977. I fell in love with the Arctic and Alaska needless to say, when I had to return to Boston, I cried, I didn't want to leave, In 1981 I returned to Alaska. I was working in Anchorage as an electrican in the I.B.E.W , I was sent to this village for just three weeks, when the job finished, I quit the company and stayed, that was 27 years ago. I am still here.

Come learn from the comfort of your home or office the Eskimo way of living, High in the Arctic, Eskimo!

You can see some of his photos and read some of his stories on the Ozzu Forums under the title Home Sweet Home @ 50 below zero and you can also read his Blog of ICE.
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